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Toast When We Coast & Drink When We Stink: Week 9

For those of us who choose to imbibe, spirits can be a great companion for celebrating a victory and a helpful tool for surviving a loss. As I do every week, I present you with an option for each as the Georgia Bulldogs prepare to take on the New Mexico State Aggies.

I've been dealing with a small family emergency this week, so I'm going to keep this brief. Georgia isn't losing this game. I don't care if Coach Richt put me in a jersey and stuck me in the backfield, we're not going down to the Aggies. I'm so sure of this that I'm not giving you a drink for when we lose. I'm so sure of this that if I have jinxed us and we lose, I'll eat one of my many Georgia hats... literally (pics to be provided). It ain't happenin'.

When Georgia Wins:

I'm known as the primary purveyor of tired, predictable, hiveminded humor around these parts. As a result, I've chosen to come up with the most predictable, stereotypical suggestion I can think of. Since I know almost nothing about New Mexico, I'm gonna just assume its part of Mexico and suggest that when Georgia beats the Aggies you celebrate with...

TEQUILA! Da Duh Duh, Duh Da Duh, Da Duh!

As always I look forward to hearing your suggestions and your observations on our upcoming opponent. The line to beat me for suggesting Georgia can't lose to NMSU forms to the left.