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Dawg Tired: An Insomniac's View Of SEC Football.

We have no tailbacks. South Carolina may not lose again in SEC play. Auburn is not a horrible enough football team for me to believe we beat them in a few days. The stock market's moving like the Scream Machine at Six Flags. North Korea has ICBMs that could be aimed at Stripling's Meats right now if those commie bastards are so inclined. Things like this could keep a man up all night sick with worry.

And it's in those quiet moments of late night contemplation that an insomniac Bulldog fan such as myself has to ask himself . . .

Are we absolutely certain that Derek Dooley realizes that he's no longer coaching in the WAC, and that he can therefore win a football game against an SEC team without fearing that they won't ever invite his squad back for another paycheck game?

I mean, has Wes Rucker actually asked him this, point blank, just to be sure? The exodus following the Kiffin error didn't leave the cupboard full, and even that came on the heels of a slow decline in talent in the waning years of the Fulmer Dynasty. But Tennessee now stands 0-5 in the SEC. 0-5. Sure the Vols are a different team without Tyler Bray and Justin Hunter. But you know those message board arguments about which coach is "doing more with less" and which is "doing less with more?" Derek Dooley's currently winning the argument about who's doing less with less.

Unless I'm totally wrong about that, in which case I blame sleep deprivation and the North Koreans. I'll be back in the light of day with Cocktail Thursday. Until then . . .


Go 'Dawgs!!!