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Colorado Buffaloes 70, Georgia Bulldogs 68: The Instantaneous Ill-Informed Roundball Wrapup

Tonight’s roundball wrapup may be less instantaneous than usual, but what it lacks in immediacy it more than makes up by being even more ill-informed than usual, because I discovered to my chagrin that exactly none of the several Fox Sports channels on which the Georgia Bulldogs’ basketball game against the Colorado Buffaloes was being aired were available to me for viewing. To top it all off, the gametracker software available at the Georgia athletics website failed to keep up with such statistics as assists, blocks, rebounds, and steals, which, you know, are kind of important.

Basically, therefore, my evening of trying to watch Georgia basketball went about as well as the Bulldogs’ evening of trying to play Georgia basketball, as the Red and Black fell to the Buffaloes in Boulder by a final margin of 70-68, despite the visitors’ having led by seven with six minutes remaining in the first half.

The Hoop Dogs drained ten of 26 three-pointers but sunk only 26 of 63 field goals, while Colorado shot a whopping 37 free throws, of which 22 fell. Georgia was outscored, 32-24, in the paint as the Red and Black gave up exactly 70 points for the third time in four games. On the plus side, Georgia scored more than 63 points for just the second time in seven games this season.

As I noted, though, I wasn’t able to watch this one, so you probably know more about it than I do. (Actually, that likely would be true even if I had watched it.) What did you see?

As I noted earlier in the month, we are planning a Dawg Sports group outing to the Fox Hounds’ December 23 home game against Furman. Some folks who weren’t able to make this year’s Goat Roast will be home for Christmas, so we’re taking the opportunity to purchase block seating for a group to go to the game. We’ll continue discussing this as the game approaches, but please take this opportunity to get in on the fun. If you’re interested in attending, leave a comment to that effect below, and someone from the masthead will be contacting you at the e-mail address provided on your profile.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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