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Monday Morning Dawg Bites - Dome Sweet Dome Edition

Well, folks, we've finally made it.  Just thirteen short weeks ago, we were preparing to start our season against a highly ranked opponent in the Georgia Dome, and, thankfully, we've come full circle.  I'm certainly not going in predicting a win for the Dawgs, but Mark Richt does have a .500 record in the Dome, this team has grown tremendously, and we definitely have a chance at an upset on Saturday...let's just hope we're a little better prepared to handle crowd noise this time (because if this team thought a bunch of folks from Idaho were loud, they're going to be deafened by 30,000+ drunken cajuns).  Anywho, let's jump on down to the links, shall we?

Senator Blutarsky has updated his Dawg Stat Watch here, and also notes that next year will have some changes coming to one of the categories.  Looking at that list, it's hard to discount what this Georgia team has done, schedule or not.

Chris Low has his SEC bowl projections updated and posted over at the World Wide Leader, but it's really his second paragraph that I want to touch on with this.  LSU and Alabama will likely face off in the National Championship regardless of what happens this weekend.  Read that again.  Now, I'm not one to go on and on about a playoff, because if this were a playoff system and LSU and Alabama were facing off in the National Championship after neither of them won their conference, folks wouldn't bat an eye because THEY SETTLED IT ON THE FIELD PAAAWWWWWLLLLLLLL.  Having said that, if we've been operating under the principle that in order to compete for a National Title, a team has to have won their conference (a point that worked to the detriment of UGA in 2007 when they could've very easily been recognized as one of the best teams), then we need to continue operating under that premise.  Regardless of whether or not I agree with the rule (and I don't really care one way or the other), it nonetheless needs to be consistent, and what we're seeing here is exactly the opposite.  If conference championships are now meaningless, then why don't we just get rid of conferences completely?

On that note, the Good Senator has a few thoughts on the issue as well.

...back down from my soapbox, a more important question emerges...would you punch a flight attendant for not allowing you to drink on a JetBlue flight?

Finally, here's a nice little throwback to the 2005 SEC Championship game, when No. 13 Georgia entered as a significant underdog against No. 3'd that game turn out again, Les? 

As always, of course, Go Dawgs!