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The Dawg Gone Podcast Show 33 is ready and wants you to know that it hates Auburn's band, too.

Hello again kids. It's true. The Dawg Gone Podcast staff, meaning myself, really doesn't like Auburn, its band, or its fans. Let's just get used to the idea that they are indeed the Georgia Tech of the SEC, and that's not a compliment in any shape, form, or fashion.

What's on tap for this week? Well, since I only bring the best for you, darlings, the show has two segments this week. In the first segment, UGA Legend Robert Edwards joins us to wax Dawg Poetic about what he's up to now, who his most hated rival was while he was at UGA, his upcoming book, and how you can help him help kids. Helping kids, you ask? Yes, Mr. Edwards runs the Star Training Academy and they're looking for a few good sponsors. You can find them at and you can email them at if you'd like to help.

In the second segment. Chuck, aka tankertoad, and I wax Dawg Poetic (I just really love saying that) about the big win this weekend, how Mike Bobo has won our hearts, and why does Auburn's band always play over the Redcoats?

So, with all that on tap, let's get you to some links:

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Until next time kids.

Be safe.