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The Day After: It's Morning Again in Bulldog Nation

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know it's afternoon; I was speaking metaphorically. In "The Godfather," Vito Corleone receives many requests for assistance on the day of his daughter's wedding, because it is said that no Sicilian can decline a request made of him on his daughter's wedding day. That seems like a tradition subject to rampant abuse, so I would never go quite that far, but I will say I am seldom in a better mood than I am the day after the Georgia Bulldogs convincingly beat the Auburn Tigers on the gridiron, so this seems a most opportune time to raise these questions.

Just prior to the start of college football season, we made some major upgrades to the site, adding regular contributors to the masthead and, I believe, dramatically improving both the quantity and the quality of the content appearing here on a daily basis. This is your chance to provide frank feedback, secure in the understanding that I'm going to be as open-minded as I'll ever be, because, hey, we beat Auburn like they stole something (you should excuse the expression).

What are we doing well here at Dawg Sports? Where do we need to improve? What are we overdoing, where are we underperforming, what do we need to keep doing, and what do we need to change? Let us know in the comments below.

Go 'Dawgs!