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The Mark Richt Victory Watch

It brings me great pleasure---bordering, really, on un-Christian pleasure---to bring you this week’s edition of the Mark Richt Victory Watch. I know I spend this week of the year declaring, "Auburna delenda est!", but, really, this was more of a dismantling than I ever imagined possible.

Accordingly, the Mark Richt Victory Watch now stands at 104, putting Mark Richt 97 wins shy of tying Vince Dooley for the all-time school record. Mark Richt’s 104-36 record and .743 winning percentage are the best ever for a Georgia Bulldogs head coach after 140 games. With the same number of contests under each of their belts, Wally Butts was 93-40-7 (.689), whereas Vince Dooley was 93-42-5 (.682).

I believe Coach Richt is officially off the hot seat.

Go ‘Dawgs!