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Pre game pre game late night ramblings

It's late. I should be asleep. The nicety of a federal holiday is that I slept in today, really late. The downside is is well past midnight and my mind keeps thinking of Georgia Auburn. I am at this moment in-battled with the story editor, as I really want this text beside this picture, but I can't seem to make it work. So, at this point, you are like "WTH TT?" with the picture. So, let my rambling begin, and maybe you will chuckle for a second...


I talked to my long time counselor today on the phone. Odd timing that she didn't even recognize, being veterans day and I am a vet that it was an emotional day for me. A few hours after that call I got an email with a paypal bill. So - the joke is, yes she accepts the paypals. I am now scared if I talk to one of the 100 lawyers on this staff now I will get an email and a PayPal bill. The fact I needed to see a therapist before Georgia v Auburn seems to have been missed. But that is the crux of the problem. UGA should kill Auburn tomorrow. My greatest moment ever was here during a UGA - Auburn game doing a flyby. I was cool for a day. Pictures with Uga and cheerleaders of both schools. Here is something crazy (since crazy seems to be the subject) - the Auburn tailgaters were nicer to me than the UGA tailgaters. It was Auburn fans that offered me dinner that night. I ate some good damn BBQ. And this leads to a confession: I never understood or agreed with T Kyle King about this Auburn hate thing.

Until 2010. I simply don't give a damn what anyone says. I have watched a massive, huge, unbelievably amount of college football in the last decade. Even deployed. You want UGA to win the SEC? Send me to the middle east. Cause that's where I watched us win them. But, back to 2010 UGA vs AU. Dirtiest game I have ever seen? Yep. Absolutely. - Enter Auburn excuses. Fine. I got one for you. When you are the NC and you are killing your longest standing rival, maybe be careful how you compose yourself. It's called class. Auburn could have beaten Georgia without the cheapshots. And that's what Coach Richt would do. Spear our QB in the spine and I am somehow supposed to believe that was OK? Hell 'naw. I will never forget that game, but more than that, I will never forget the mountain of excuses. And my hatred of Auburn took a new turn. I would pay money for one Auburn fan to say straight up the hits on Aaron Murray were down right dirty. Just say it. But, nope, just justification and crazy talk.

Today's game is amazingly historical. First time in 30 years to beat UT, UF and AU in the same season. And I already had the guy at work say "It's lucky for Coach RIcht the SEC is down." And now you know why I needed to talk to a professional: The SEC just played the game of the Century, and yet they are down. W T H ? There were plenty of years UGA was up and our rivals were down and we didn't beat these three. It isn't easy to come by. UGA should beat the heck out of Auburn today. And I sure hope they do. Every bit of my analysis says they should. Expect those years they don't. I hate Auburn.

Today is a day of mourning in some ways. Football season just started, and with the south's oldest game commencing, it is also a day that spells the end of the season. Georgia - Auburn is bittersweet. The record and analysis and heartbreak and greatness shows that. For today, let us taste the sweetness, because come Feb, we will be missing it.

Go Dawgs!

Edit 1 - my boss, T Kyle King, is going to wake up, see this, and likely bill me. I am sure he takes the PayPals.