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Don't Bet On It!: National Game of Disinterest

We have now gone around the SEC and the nation forecasting the outcomes of the most interesting games of the week. Now it is time to identify the game that is so inconsequential that its outcome warrants not even a moment's consideration. This week's National Game of Disinterest is (drumroll, please)...

a doubleheader!

Miami Hurricanes at Florida State Seminoles
(The) Ohio State Buckeyes at Purdue Boilermakers

It has been years since any of these teams were relevant as anything other than a sensational headline or an SEC squad's bowl conquest. The commentariat at one of our sister sites even refuses to acknowledge the existence of one of them. I know these are both conference contests, yet I don't care enough about either of them to determine into which arbitrarily named-and-chosen division any of these teams fall. Neither should you.

I've qualified both of this week's sets of picks with our customary warning Don't Bet On It!, but now I will offer my stone-cold, lead-pipe, can't-miss parlay pick of the week: neither of these games will have any meaningful impact on any national or conference title race.

Go Dawgs! (I don't care for Auburn.)