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Happy Birthday, Aaron Murray . . . But, Whatever You Do, Don't Celebrate It!

Happy birthday, Aaron Murray!

The Georgia Bulldogs’ starting quarterback turns 21 today, so, if you happen to see him today, wish him a happy birthday, but, for crying out loud, don’t buy him a drink or give him a gift or do anything that would get him declared ineligible for Saturday’s game!

To recap: Aaron Murray celebrates his birthday today; don’t do anything to facilitate this legal adult having an alcoholic beverage the same week that virtually every city in the state legalized Sunday alcohol sales; don’t offer to pay him fair market value for his clothing; just offer your good wishes and move on down the road.

Oh, if you want to give his father $180,000, though, feel free, ‘cause I hear that’s cool with the NCAA.

Go ‘Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!