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Georgia Bulldogs at Tennessee Volunteers Game Night Open Comment Thread

This evening, the Georgia Bulldogs will take the field in Neyland Stadium for a night game on Rocky Top against the Tennessee Volunteers. The winner will receive a degree of validation and will be able to claim a measure of momentum in the trajectory of the rivalry, while the loser will be eliminated from the SEC East race and will find questions about its head coach being asked with greater fervor. This game, in short, is a big deal.

This thread is your opportunity to treat it like a big deal, within the bounds of decorum (with a certain deference being afforded to brief outbursts in the heat of the moment, provided they are just that: brief and in the heat of the moment). Let's cheer on the 'Dawgs as they face their toughest test since the South Carolina game, and let's celebrate or commiserate, as appropriate, once the clock shows a trio of zeroes.

Go 'Dawgs!