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The Saturday Tailgate. Creamsicle Collective Edition.

As I hinted back on Thursday during the Cocktail post, we've moved the Friday Tailgate back to Saturday, if for no other reason than that, well, most of you start your actual tailgating on Saturday, so your virtual tailgate shouldn't be that different. In accordance with University policy, we'll put up the tents and start the cooking at 7:00 a.m. sharp and not a minute before because ahhhh! anarchy! chaos! the end of days! that's how Michael Adams wants it. 

Pull up a chair and join the party after the jump.

I think I've told this story here before, but it bears repeating. I once had tickets to see Hank III opening for David Allen Coe. When we got to the show there was a sign out front saying that Hank Williams, III would be unable to perform that night. Which got me thinking, if you're on a double bill with Coe and you're the one who's too drunk/high/tired/fried/wanted by law enforcement to perform, you may have a problem. /Cool Story Bro!

In other news, it occurred to me last night that I have some good friends in New York City, I can skin a buck, and also happen to know how to run a trot line. And since the blog is aggressively apolitical, I'm a safe bet not to compare the President to Hitler, or anyone else for that matter. All of which means that I am qualified to be the new voice of Monday Night Football. I eagerly await your call, NFL-types.


 Best Wilco album ever? Possibly. But I hear good things about their latest. If anybody has a review of it I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

True story: Honey badgers see David Greene walking across the desert and yield the right of way. Because even though both of them may have odd eating habits and run kind of funny, stone cold killers respect stone cold killers.

Now that the soundtrack has been taken care of, let's move on to the football. Rather than continuing our recent trend of "5 Things" previews, I'd like to pull from the mothballs one of my favorite pregame features: Over or Under?

It's a pretty simple game. I give you a numerical statement and you tell me whether or not the result in today's game will be over or under that number. So I ask you, over or under?

1) Tyler Bray will throw 1.9 interceptions.

2) Aaron Murray will throw 1.9 interceptions.

3) Blair Walsh will miss 0.9 field goals.

4) Isaiah Crowell will rush for 99.9 yards.

5) Marlon Brown will catch 2.9 passes.

6) Da'Rick Rogers will score 0.9 touchdowns.

7) Rogers' bosom buddy Nash Nance will play 0.000009 snaps.

8) The Georgia defense will give up 349.9 total yards.

9) The Georgia defense will snag 2.9 total turnovers.

Finally, your fearless score prediction. I've vacillated wildly over the outcome, before coming to a couple of conclusions. One, Tyler Bray makes some bad decisions with the football, and our defense has done a generally good job snagging fluttering bad decisions by opposing QBs. Sure the offense hasn't done a great job capitalizing on those, but that's another issue. Second, the only team Tennessee's played that was remotely their equal physically was Florida. And they got worked. Dominated at the line of scrimmage. If the patchwork Bulldog offensive line can get a push in the running game, things could go very well. I anticipate a Georgia team that comes out swinging on the road before letting the Vols back in it and then holding on. Final score: UGA 27, UT 24.

Everybody have a great football Saturday. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!