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Friday Morning Dawg Bites: Of Hobnail Boots, Hunter's Orange and Erector Set Stadiums

Good morning, Dawg fans. Sorry the Dawg Bites are a little late, but don't let that keep you from enjoying a brunch of Dawgly links to help you get through your busy work day by wasting time on the Internet. Let's jump right in and see what the blogosphere is saying about this weekend's contest:

Tyler Dawgden over at the Georgia Sports Blog continues his series of 3 Questions that I've really come to enjoy every week. This week focuses on Georgia's D, keeping Aaron Murray vertical, and wondering when Brandon Boykin is going to take a kickoff to the house.

The Good Senator at Get The Picture has a video embedded of Todd Grantham explaining a Mike Linebacker Blitz to ESPN's Chris Lowe. Anytime Grantham speaks, I get amped up, even if he's not screaming. That said, don't expect to see this particular blitz this know, unless Grantham thinks that it can't be stopped...*dramatic pause*.

Gentry Estes at Dawgs247 has a nice article up about Marlon Brown and his hopeful return this weekend in his home state and against the team he didn't choose to attend on Signing Day three years ago. Although Brown is not 100% yet, I think he's key to this weekend. We'll need his size in man on man coverage, so here's to Brown hopefully having a big game.

The SBNation Tennessee site, Rocky Top Talk, has a bunch of good posts up looking at the game this weekend, but I really like this one about players from Georgia who have an opportunity to have a big game against the Dawgs this weekend.

Over at SBNation Atlanta, Doug Gillett brings us another round of Manic Doug and Depressive Doug previewing the game. An average score of their two previews predicts a Georgia win of 30-27, so no pressure to that one guy who's been having an off year *cough*BlairWalshBlairWalshBlairWalsh*cough*.

Bernie takes off the gloves and makes us beg the question, "But what do you REALLY think?" in this post. It's got some language, but what's really NSFW in this post is the picture of the 4th Down Marker. Every time I see that on offense, I die a little. 

Non-Dawg related, if you watched the Oregon/Cal game last night, you probably saw LaMichael James go all Joe Theismann with his elbow, but luckily for James, it wasn't a break and instead, just a severe dislocation. What you didn't see was this video over at EDSBS of LaMichael talking to the media afterwards. I'm surprised at him speaking with the media after the injury, but I'm literally shocked at how optimistic he sounds. Good on him, and hopefully he recovers quickly.

Finally, the last link I want to share with you guys is Steven Colbert paying tribute to the passing of Steve Jobs in true Colbert fashion. As I type this post out on my MacBook, I can't even begin to describe how much I rely on Apple products or Apple-inspired products throughout my day. In fact, Jobs was the one that really wanted people to have a computer in every home, which, as a by-product, led to people like myself finding a home writing on the Internet. Not only that, but through Jobs' innovation, technology was created that will literally propel future technologies into the realms of things we can't fathom. I'm hoping that our future generations learn everything they can about Thomas Edison, but I hope there's a little space carved out in their history books about the Edison of Our Time. 

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Until next time kids.

Be safe (and Go Dawgs!).