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Monday Morning Dawg Bites, Halloween Edition

Good morning, Dawg fans.  No, you didn't dream it. This actually happened.


Unfortunately, however, they didn't cancel work for a week, though there will be some more partying tonight and you might see some girls dressed up as a slutty (insert name of anything here), so knock yourself out and celebrate some more!  Here are your Monday morning Dawg Bites:

  • It's hard to tell whether Mark Richt was actually trying to mock Urban Meyer or legitimately being unironical when he said in his postgame press conference, "It was a big deal. It was a big deal for me personally."  We'll remember, it too, Coach, and it will forever be a big deal in the mind of the Bulldog Nation.
  • I'm linking to this just for the title (slightly NSFW). 
  • Also, I'm going to link to this just because Chris Low used the words "taint" and "Will Muschamp" in the same sentence. #HateUWillie
  • You can see some more great gameday photos at the Athens Banner-Herald's online photo gallery, including one particularly nice "Haters Gonna Hate" shot.
  • And speaking of haters, it looks like, for once, even Mark Bradley can't hate on Mark Richt or the general state of the Georgia program.
  • Also, In case you haven't heard, there's a little game being played this coming Saturday to determine who will get the right to destroy play either Georgia or South Carolina in the SEC Championship Game.  Maybe we'll get to hear some more about it as the week progresses.  What do you think?
  • Georgia's position in the latest BCS Standings is largely irrelevant (18th), but what is worth noticing is undefeated Boise State's place, predictably last among the major unbeatens since they were jumped by Stanford this week.  This only confirms that, for us, playing them was a no-win scenario, just as it was in 2005.  They haven't gotten any bump from the Georgia win.  Heck, Kirk Herbstreit even got in a dig at our expense last night, saying, "It's not like [beating Georgia is] earning you a lot of street cred these days."
  • Dr. Saturday does his usual bang-up job of sizing up the national championship contenders, which he apparently thinks could possibly include Boise State (sort of).
  • Oh, and in case you were wondering, Lane Kiffin is still an insufferable, childish jerk.

Enjoy your Monday morning, Dawg Fans!

Go Dawgs!