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Georgia/Florida: A Summary

Note:  Yes, this is an homage. No, I'm not going to link to the original and its mega NSFW-ishness at the top of the page. All I'm going to say is "Orson Swindle" and let you figure it out yourself.


Extreme celebration ahead.  Gators, you were warned.


Richard Samuel? How bout that Dawg! Hot friggin Dawg! Holy hoppin' heapin' leapin' lizards gizzards!  Just friggin' awesome runnin' down the field tossing a quick pass how 'bout that score and did the defense just stop them again who are they the Crimson Tide?




And whadayagot Loran? Oh god run Lindsay! OMG another TD!  How 'bout them Dawgs!  How 'bout all them friggin' Dawgs!  Big Bad bosses beating braggarts breathlessly!  Hard workin' hard runnin' hard hittin' heroes of the Empire State of the South, all of 'em! Eighty egregious exigent canines effortlessly encompassing, enclosing, and eradicating the errant Sunshine State Saurians!

Wilford Brimley birthday party!



And this!!  Hootin' and hollerin' and jumping up and down and kiss-your-sister-now-boys-'cause-it's-ok-today! How 'bout Them Dawgs!  HOW.  'BOUT. THEM. DAWGS!!!!! Ram a tree sideways up Orson Swindle's ass and call him a national park! Mark Richt postgame kissin', high fivin' players from the stands, gimmie another fifth 'cause I got some property that needs destroyin' tonight!  Drinkin', dancin', celebrating a win like no other dang this sure is sweet.

Hot. Damn.

In summary:

-- You're so money you don't even know it?  HOOAAAAHHH!!

-- We came, we saw, we kicked its ass?  Check.

-- Flush the bombers toilets, get the subs at St. Simons in launch vinegar mode... WE ARE PARTYING AT DEFCON 1?  Double check.


p.s.  I hate Florida.