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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: Hate Week Edition

Good morning my little lunch boxes. How are you doing on this so very special week? Anyway, Florida sucks, so enough chit chat and let's get to some links for you.

We begin with reminding you that if you haven't listened to this week's episode of The Dawg Gone Podcast, please do so. Trust me, you'll enjoy it.

The Good Senator over at Get the Picture is always a great read, but he really brought it with this post. It's the drinking game for watching this weekend's contest on the television.

The Grit Tree brings us this week's edition of Lewis Grizzard Wednesday, which happens to be "God is a Bulldog." I'm a particular fan of that one because it mentions the New Perry Hotel, and being from Perry originally, I can tell you that this is a local point of pride.

Sports and Grits links up a personal favorite of mine during hate week: "Go Gatuh."

Leather Helmet Blog has a collection of Florida jokes and a semi-NSFW video parody of the "Go Gators" commercial

The Blawg House is one of the newer UGA blogs I've started reading. I really enjoyed this list of the most hated Florida Gators.

Don't forget, you can listen to Kyle's appearance on Team Speed Kills Now by clicking this link right here. DO IT.

The folks over at Every Day Should Be Saturday have been relatively quiet this week regarding the Cocktail Party, but this offering from LSUFreek regarding Les Miles totally beating the crap out of Gene Chizik last Saturday is worth a look.

In our last link, one of the things that gets left behind during this time of year is Halloween. Most die hard Dawg fans without children miss it altogether, and even the ones that have kids still forget until the very last second. So, in a small homage to the awesomeness that is Halloween, I bring you a video of a house that's in the All Hallow's Eve spirit. It's from the same folks who do the Christmas videos...or at least it looks like the exact same house. Enjoy!




We now return you to your work day and your regularly scheduled hating of Florida.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.