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The Dawg Gone Podcast Show 30 is ready and spins you right round...table.

Hello again kids! When I started this podcast last year, I always wanted to get some of the greatest minds together to talk Dawg football. Since then, I've been able to get some great guests, but only one at a time. This time, that's all changed.

Nearly every staff member of Dawg Sports was able to join me on a conference call to talk this weekend's contest in Jacksonville. That's right, there's a double-digits worth of Dawg Pontificators on this call and they all chime in on everything from "Will John Brantley play?" to "Why do we hate Florida so very much?"

What's particularly impressive about this episode is its content. EVERYONE brings their "A" game and I implore you to really listen intently to their responses to my questions. It's truly great stuff and I wouldn't lie to you, buttercup.

So, let me give you some links so that you can hopefully enjoy the finished product as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you:

To listen, subscribe, review and rate the episode on iTunes, click here.

To stream the episode in MP3 format, click here. To save it, use "right click, save as."

To email me about the podcast, click here.

Also, you can stream the episode in Flash format directly below.



Until next time kids.

Be safe.