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This is why you suck - a vid tribute to the gators

Someone at adult swim, you tube, cartoon network, squidbillies, somewhere took down the video of "I like my truck...Auburn sucks" and has subsequently screwed up my plan of a series of Squdbillies vids.    So, now, in my usual nature, I am a little pissed.    So, I had this vid hidden deep in my back pocket.  Many thanks to BSU for teaching me the ways of hype videos for attention rather than good analysis.   Because when you play nobody and hang 50 points on a school I never heard of - hype vids are all you got.  I'm learning.

This video will clearly spell out, well, Florida sucks.   Warning, a little bit of adult langauge is involved.  It's not too much, we aren't talking gangsta rap here, but you probably don't want this one played at Church this Sunday.   Praise me, hate me, warn me, ban me, but at least we got it clear, Florida sucks.   (and I like my truck).

Florida Sucks (via danielstetson)