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In the heat of drama and anger, sometimes we just need to laugh

I  have, based on my X and O analysis, occasionally been accused of being negative or pessimistic.   And I want to make it clear, as a fourth generation bulldog, I love UGA, I love Georgia, I love my family and Lord willing someday I will get back to my home state and I ain't just nailing my feet to the ground, I am going to issue out warnings and permits that if try to cross state borders I will be physically restrained and escorted back to my cabin in the woods of north Georgia.    Until that time, I have to live through this internet thing.   But it's a good thing because I met T Kyle in the early 90s and thanks to the internet I still consider him one of my best friends, even if I only have seen the Chick Fil A he frequents this summer and not him in person.   In fact, I have chosen, should the occasion arise, for TKK to give my eulogy.   Let's hope that's not for like 40-50 more years.   But in the meantime, the internet has kept all of us close, and all of us smart on all things UGA.  So, to get away from how damn pissed I am about this Coach Franklin / Vandy thing - I want to share a vid with you, one you may have seen, and one that never, ever fails at making me laugh.

Much Love to all - TT

I Like Drivin' In My Truck - Early Cuyler (ft. T-Pain) (via Mothypop)



PS _ I like my truck too. )

PS 2_ I don't care much for Auburn.


PS 3 - Apparently (and thank you in a way) this vid got so many hits and popularity it was taken down.    I would think the free squibillies advertising would be a good thing, but I maybe wrong.    For anyone out there that believes or thinks I have committed some copyright infringement, I apologize.   However, I may cancel my squidbillies T Shirt order.

PS 4 = - I have found and posted another Squidbillies Vid