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The Dawg Gone Podcast Show 29 is ready and has a special announcement from Todd Grantham about Dennis Hopper's pets.

Hello again kids. Are you confused by the title of today's post? Listen to the show and it will (kind of) make sense.

Sorry for the podcast being a day late, but I had the opportunity to have the great Rex Robinson on with us this week in a bonus segment, and couldn't get to it until Tuesday. However, I think the wait will be totally worth it once you hear the show.

This week, I have the aforementioned Rex Robinson on to talk about what could possibly be going on in the UGA locker room as they experience success after the dreadful 2010 season, the Curious Case of Blair Walsh, and how special teams is a lot like golf.

Then, we have a special Public Service Announcement from Todd Grantham, and you'd better listen to what he says. No, seriously. I don't think he's kidding.

In the final segment, Kyle rejoins us after a week off and proves that Nyquil can't hold him down as we wax Dawg Poetic about the win against Vanderbilt, why Mark Fox shouldn't fight Kevin Stallings no matter how much we'd enjoy it, and what exactly is Zombie Dennis Hopper doing in Vanderbilt's gym?

Click the links to have it all make sense...but it still may not make sense, just FYI:

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Until next time kids.

Be safe.