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Georgia Bulldogs at Kentucky Wildcats Women's Soccer Game Day Open Comment Thread

As you may have noticed, this site is called Dawg Sports, plural. That means that we, as Georgia Bulldogs fans, are about more than merely football. We try to cover all Georgia sports, to a degree reflective of fan interest and on-field accomplishment.

Recently, the Red and Black recorded their 200th all-time victory in women’s soccer, a varsity sports program whose pedigree dates back to 1995. Today, the Bulldogs will be taking on the Kentucky Wildcats at 4:00 p.m. Eastern, in a game that will be televised on ESPNU. In light of the television exposure being given to the Classic City Canines, we thought we would open up a comment thread, as we did for the volleyball team’s recent outing aired on the Worldwide Leader.

You are invited to join in the conversation, to cheer on the Bulldogs, and to ask questions and offer explanations, so that those of us whose knowledge of women’s soccer did not advance past the point at which Brandi Chastain put her shirt back on may become better informed fans.

Go ‘Dawgs!