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Toast When We Coast & Drink When We Stink: Week 7

For those of us who choose to imbibe, spirits can be a great companion for celebrating a victory and a helpful tool for surviving a loss. As I do every week, I present you with an option for each as the Georgia Bulldogs prepare to take on the Vanderbilt Commodores

When Georgia Wins:

I've already gone on the record as saying Georgia wins this one, so I'm gonna try to make this week's celebratory beverage something everyone can enjoy. When Georgia's defense dominates and Georgia's offense tries its hardest not to screw things up too bad, good things generally happen. If that's the case on Saturday night, celebrate with a little concoction I like to call a...


AKA The Southern Boilermaker

Take a pint of beer, then drop in a shot of whisky... its just a good combination any way you slice it. Even better when you make it with an Athens beer and a Tennessee whisky. Feel free to use any Terrapin of your choosing -- although I personally prefer the Golden Ale. The brand of Tennessee whisky used is also a matter of preference (I'm going to recommend that Kyle goes with George Dickel).

As you drop the shot glass of whisky into the beer, take a moment to appreciate how the Athenian brew simply overwhelms it. Then chug. And if you want to make it a real Commodore 64, you have to do it four times -- in fact, if you don't, I'll be blaming you for the loss in Jacksonville two weeks hence.

Where You Can Find It: Most bars should have the makings in one form or another. If not, feel free to drop by the Goat Roast and I'll sell you some out of my trunk.

When Georgia Loses:

The fact that I think Georgia will win in Nashville doesn't mean that I think they can't lose. I would be surprised, but not shocked, if the Commodores took us out on Saturday. Should that happen, things would get very dark in the Classic City indeed. That would be two conference losses, two division losses, and three overall losses.... kiss the SEC East goodbye. If all spirals into chaos on Saturday night, I'd suggest you cozy up to a nice bottle of...


Look... if Georgia loses this game, obviously the whole Goat Roast thing just isn't working. For God's sake man, last year we lost to Colorado. Some might foolishly suggest that ritualistic animal sacrifice is not going to earn the favor of the football deities. I respectfully submit that a loss would indicate that our level of commitment is not sufficient. Well, here's our chance to fix that.

Where You Can Get Your Hands On It: Occult bookstores, your local slaughterhouse, and luckily for you I'll also be selling it out of the trunk of my car at the Goat Roast.

As always, I look forward to reading your post-game celebration/sorrow wallowing plans. For those of you who will be at the Goat Roast, I'll see you there. For those that won't, you should be.