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Jay Rome To Join Hoop Dawgs.

SB Nation college hoops contributor Kris Willis reports that Bulldog tight end Jay Rome intends to join Mark Fox's Hoop Dawgs after football season concludes.

The freshman from Valdosta is currently redshirting, which is less a commentary on his talent (which is palpable) than on the talent and experience of the guys ahead of him on the depth chart: Orson Charles, Aron White and Arthur Lynch. Really Mike Bobo and John Lilly can only play so many tight ends at any given time. With all the work involved, it's not hard to imagine that a guy in Rome's shoes could be getting a little bored and wants the chance to compete in actual intercollegiate athletic contests.

And the son of Clemson basketball legend Stan Rome was an excellent forward for Valdosta High, most notably during a 33 point effort in the state playoffs against powerhouse Norcross. At 6'6' and 240 pounds, Rome is plenty big enough to play small forward in the SEC. However, having seen him on both the gridiron and in the gym, I can state without doubt that Jay Rome may be a future NFL tight end but is not likely to be a future NBA forward. He's just not quick enough, nor does he have the necessary ball skills. He's a phenomenal athlete, just not a phenomenal basketball player.

That being said, Mark Fox's squad will certainly benefit from the added depth Rome and fellow freshman Nick Marshall will provide. If nothing else, they'll provide an opportunity for the Georgia basketball team to practice against more SEC-quality athletes. Until later . . .


Go 'Dawgs!!!