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The Dawg Gone Podcast Show 28 is ready and just wants someone to pass Da'Tylenol to Da'Rick Rogers

Hello again kids. The Dawgs got a HUGE win this weekend against the Tennessee Volunteers and although everyone would've liked to have seen an old-school blowout, a win is a win, and this one was important.

This week, we give Kyle the night off and Good Luck Chuck, aka tankertoad, steps in and knocks it out of the park. I really think you guys will enjoy this episode as we wax Dawg Poetic on everything from breaking down the Tennessee game, how far along Malcom Mitchell is as a playmaking WR, why the referees hate us so very much, and why Vandy is still Vandy.

I think you guys are going to love this episode, and, as you'll hear from me in the intro, the gauntlet has been thrown to the "other" podcast out there, who claims to be "twice as good" as any other Dawg podcast on the airwaves. 

Your move, sirs.

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Until next time kids.

Be safe.