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Georgia Bulldogs v. Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Game Day Open Comment Thread

All right, it's time to get 2011 started! It's a new year, a dismal football season has ended, and it's time to get Georgia athletics back on track! Today marks the start of a new era, as the Gym Dogs get their campaign underway with a quad meet on the road against Denver, BYU, and Air Force, and . . .

Wait, what? There's a men's basketball game at the Coliseum, too? And it's a conference game? And it's against Kentucky? Wow, that's kind of a big deal, too, isn't it?

Well, all right, what the heck; let's do a comment thread for that, too, then.

The roundball tip-off is at 4:00, and the gymnastics meet starts at 8:00. Root, root, root for the Red and Black in the comments below.

(For what it's worth, the Saints take on the Seahawks at 4:30, as well. Since I promised to back the Falcons now that they're in the playoffs and it's in Georgia's interests to have the Seahawks hang around a while in the postseason, a Seattle win and a New Orleans loss would be good for the Peach State as a whole; feel free to comment on that game, while you're at it.)

Go 'Dawgs!