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Georgia Bulldogs' Greg McGarity Shrewdly Outmaneuvers Boise State Broncos with Chick-fil-A Gambit

I don’t want to overstate the case or anything, but Greg McGarity may be the shrewdest son of a gun in the known universe.

Last year, during all the conference expansion excitement, I wrote what was intended to be a humorous piece on the possibility that the Georgia Bulldogs would become the newest member of the Pac-10. In defense of that position, I wrote:

Perhaps Evans’s smoothest move in orchestrating the Red and Black’s transcontinental shift, though, was his backroom deal to have Atlanta- Pacifa-based fast-food giant Chick-fil-A introduce its popular spicy chicken sandwich in California first.

"If they want to keep the pipeline of tasty chicken sandwiches open," insisted the source, who by that point clearly had demonstrated that he was nothing more than a crackpot conspiracy theorist, "those Californians will vote to let the Bulldogs into their league."

Naturally, I was just kidding when I suggested that a University of Georgia athletic director would use the Peach State’s status as the home of Chick-fil-A to create a Western dependency on the tasty chicken sandwiches in order to blackmail the colleges in that region into giving in to his demands, but I may have underestimated our athletic association’s new chieftain. Consider:

On November 19, it was announced that the Bulldogs would open the 2011 season in the Georgia Dome against the Boise St. Broncos. Chick-fil-A was an integral part of orchestrating the deal.

Guess which fast food giant opened a restaurant in the Boise State University Student Union two weeks earlier? (Hat tip: OBNUG.)

Coincidence? I think not!

Well played, Mr. McGarity, well played.

So here’s the deal, you bunch of SOBs (that’s solid orange Broncos, of course): unless you want us to cut off your supply of the Chick-fil-A sandwiches to which you have become addicted in Boise in the last two months, you’ll take a dive on Labor Day weekend . . . and I don’t just mean lose by a couple in a nailbiter. I mean I want you to throw an interception on the first play from scrimmage, give up a record-breaking game to the Georgia quarterback, and suffer a humiliating beatdown by a five-touchdown margin.

Don’t take it so hard, Broncos. It ain’t like it hasn’t happened before.

Go ‘Dawgs!