Looking ahead

because as much as I thought I would put together my own report from my time in Memphis - there's several hours I don't want to think about, and several more I don't remember clearly.

The parts I remember and am willing to discuss:

Liberty Bowl Weekend Recap

Much appreciation to Kyle for tickets and company. Thomas is just about the sweetest most adorable young man - the cake lady might just make him his very own red velvet goat cake with cream cheese ice cream. (She is a sucker for flattery.)

It was great to meet Just Some Dawg and his lovely Mrs, who was probably everyone's favorite person on NYE for being kind enough to stay sober while we drank and putting up with us and still driving us safely back to our hotel. We will happily eat, drink and be merry drown our sorrows with y'all any day.

The ribs at Rendevous were amazing, sorry you missed those Kyle.

A great big fat Na Na Na to Tankertoad who both wished snow and horrible freezing temperatures on the Liberty Bowl and told me I couldn't make it driving from here to there in 6 hours or less. I made it in 5 hrs, 55 minutes and not only did it not freeze & snow on us, even the rain held off until the very, very, very end. However, for those who noted issues with the kicking - it was awfully windy out there, and the wind seemed to be swirling around.

Speaking of weather - thank you to Dave for the weather updates. Mr & Mrs Just Some Dawg as well as my sister & I waited out the worst of the weather (and traffic) at the stadium protected from wind & rain.

As we walked back towards my car, sis & I happened to see some of the players making their way to the busses. The boys looked flat dejected. It was disheartening to see.

2nd Annual Dawg Sports Sacrifical Goat Roast

Now that the 2010 - 2011 College Football Season is over (at least as far as I'm concerned), let's look ahead to next year and the 2nd Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast.

Last year we decided to watch an away game in Athens for our Goat Roast. While the Roasting was fun, the game, well not so much. Like Kyle, I'm tempted to think the two of us together watching the game may be a jinx, but, the jury is still out so we'll go ahead with the 2nd annual roast and see what happens.

I personally am tempted to simply declare kick off weekend as the right time to Roast, but I try to be more democratic about the Roasting plans than that. So I'm going to put the thing to a vote, but first some arguments for & against...

Arguments For

As everyone knows we open next year against Boise State, this years WAC champions, not quite at home, but in Atlanta at the Georgia Dome, and on Labor Day Weekend. I'm assured by squillian (my sister), that there is plenty of parking right there at the dome for a mere $10.00. It's opening weekend, and the sooner we sacrifice that goat, the better! Further, this provides the greatest number of options:

1. A Friday night Roast followed by attending the game as a group or a mass of individuals.

2. A Saturday tailgate roast followed by attending the game as a group or a mass of individuals

3. Rent a party suite at the GA Dome for the Roast/Game.

Finally, this answers the age old problem of some folks have season tickets, but some folks don't if we decide to attend the game as a mass group.

Arguments Against

This would be more expensive and those who are unable to afford attending the game would then be left out of part of the party (at least.)

It is a holiday weekend, some people have non-football plans for those.

With the exception of option #1 where we attend the game as a mass of individuals, this would be more complicated to plan and necessarily require an advance financial commitment for those bloggers who wish to attend the game.

Those are the arguments I came up with, so now for the vote - yes or no? Feel free to make additional arguments for or against in the comment thread.

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