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Georgia Bulldogs Football Recruiting to be Discussed on ESPN Radio Tonight

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National Signing Day is almost upon us, which means it is time to shift gears away from our transition to "basketball school" status and get back to focusing on football recruiting. Toward that end, I am scheduled to call in to John Frary’s ESPN Radio program on AM 1420 out of St. Augustine during the 7:11 commercial break this evening. If you’re in the area, please tune in to the broadcast, and, if you’re not in the area, please visit the station’s website at the appointed hour and click "Listen Live."

While you’re waiting to see how many recruits’ names I mispronounce tonight, please enjoy the following recent Twitter exchange with our good friend kleph:

kleph: just a heads up... the daily "i hate auburn" t-shirt tweets this week will feature pro-barner gear that is delightfully ironic. #ihateauburn

Dawg Sports: I love that I'm not the only one who uses the "I hate Auburn" hashtag! RT @kleph #IHateAuburn #IHatedAuburnWhenHatingAuburnWasntCool

kleph: @dawgsports oh yeah? we hate auburn so much we tried not hating them for 40 years just to piss them off even more. #myauburnhateisoldskool

Dawg Sports: @kleph Oh, yeah? We hate #Auburn so bad, it takes a world war or the death of a player during a game to keep us from playing! #IHateAuburn

Dawg Sports: @kleph Oh, yeah? We hate #Auburn so bad, we invented the phrase, "How 'bout them #Dawgs!" to insult their cheerleaders! #IHateAuburn

Dawg Sports: @kleph Oh, yeah? We hate #Auburn so bad, when we say we got hosed at Jordan-Hare, we mean we got hosed at Jordan-Hare! #IHateAuburn

Dawg Sports: @kleph Seriously, I'm prepared to call in sick to work and devote the day to explaining why I hate #Auburn. :) #IHateAuburn

kleph: @dawgsports i understand. i'm holding back from responding just because i know the amount of time i would invest in it. #ihateauburn

kleph: Your "I hate Auburn" t-shirt of the day: Georgia Bulldogs edition to honor the epic hate of @dawgsports #wehateauburn

Go ‘Dawgs!