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Marcus Dowtin's Bowl Absence Explained?

Heaven knows I hate to play Debby Downer here, but I know several of you noticed that Marcus Dowtin, a 21 year old linebacker from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, was conspicuously absent from the Liberty Bowl lineup, and saw Marc Weiszer's note that it was a "coach's decision."

It appears coincidentally that a 21 year old Marcus Jafar Dowtin of Clinton, Maryland was charged in Worcester County, Maryland with second degree assault*. The case was placed on the "stet" docket, which I understand to be analagous to some Georgia courts' "dead docket", where cases are sent to languish while prosecutors decide what to do with them. The answer is often to eventually drop them assuming the defendant stays out of trouble.

Tony Barnhart let loose this morning with a list of things that Bulldog Nation wants to hear from Mark Richt. It's a long one, and I'm not going to parse the list item by item. But Tony is right that among the things we as a group want to hear is that the players will be disciplined both on and off the field. More than that though, I actually want to see them exhibit discipline. I anticipate Mark Richt will exhibit the propsensity to discipline this offseason, with one Marcus Dowtin serving as test case #1.

*Standard reminders about the importance of letting the justice system work, not presuming guilt before it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and entrities not to rush to judgment go here.