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Twitter Report: A.J. Green Met Michael Jordan, Jeff Owens Played Madden

A pair of interesting Twitter messages dispatched by former Georgia football players came across the wire last night, and I thought they were worth mentioning. Around 12:30 a.m., A.J. Green alerted us that he was " to meet michael jordan." That, my friends, was a room that had some star power in it.

Not long before, a more pedestrian tweet had been sent by Jeff Owens: "Time to whoop @SupaMike954 in Madden." I have to say, I’m surprised to learn that NFL players play video games about the NFL. I mean, if they made a video game about lawyers, I wouldn’t schedule an XBox session with MaconDawg so we could square off against one another. It seems to me that the fun of being a virtual version of anything would be lost on anyone who is an actual version of that thing, but maybe that’s just me.

Go ‘Dawgs!