Help for basketball school newbies!

So you're now the fan of a basketball school and you aren't exactly sure what to do. You've been a football fan all your life and your school has been considered a football school. Heck, even some folks have referred to your school as Tailback U at times! You're just cruising along, banging your head against the proverbial wall because you feel your team has underachieved and then like bad graphics in a 1960's superhero TV episode BAM! your basketball team defeats the conference lord of basketball.

Do you feel lost? Wondering when you can safely comment on the latest game without sounding absurd? Do you feel alone while surrounded by 10,522 of your closest friends? Confused about this thing called a press? Never fear! We're here to help! For only three easy payments of $19.95 the time and effort it takes you to type out your question, I and I'm sure others will join in, will help you understand the game of basketball. My unconditional, money back guarantee is that I won't make anyone feel poorly for not understanding the game. I'm only looking to help my fellow dawgsports fan understand the beautiful game.

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