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Thursday College Football Game Night (and Then Some) Open Comment Thread

So, what would you like to talk about first?

Perhaps the fact that this week’s SEC Power Poll ranks the Georgia Bulldogs third, behind the first-place Alabama Crimson Tide and the runner-up South Carolina Gamecocks? Maybe the fact that this week’s BlogPoll has ‘Bama No. 1 with 60 first-place votes, followed by the No. 2 Boise St. Broncos with 30 nods for the top spot, or that the ‘Dawgs check in at No. 17, behind the No. 9 Florida Gators and the No. 15 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, but ahead of the No. 20 Arkansas Razorbacks, No. 21 Auburn Tigers, and No. 23 Palmetto State Poultry?

On the other hand, you might want to discuss Doug Gillett’s questioning of A.J. Green’s four-game suspension, Year2’s explanation and Spencer Hall’s alternative explanation of that same sanction, C&F’s lengthy retort explaining why my position is wrong, War Eagle Atlanta’s take on whether player controversies will be Mark Richt’s undoing, or Les Miles’s extension of a scholarship offer to Zach Mettenberger. Also among our discussion options are the thoughts on the Heisman Trophy race offered by Holly Anderson of Dr. Saturday, Every Day Should Be Saturday, and SB Nation Los Angeles fame, whose fine work in the blogosphere has earned her a much-deserved promotion to the post of college football editor for the SB Nation main site.

You know what? Feel free to discuss any or all of that, as well as this evening’s televised SEC outing. This is your Thursday game night open comment thread, so pour yourself a drink and have at it.

Go ‘Dawgs!