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Breaking News: Source Says NCAA Has Suspended A.J. Green for Four Games

Earlier this afternoon, I received a contact from a source who reported to me that the University of Georgia has received word from the NCAA that A.J. Green will be suspended for four games.

Last Saturday's season opener against Louisiana-Lafayette reportedly will count as the first game of the suspension, the remaining three games of which will be served during the Georgia Bulldogs' upcoming contests against South Carolina, Arkansas, and Mississippi State. I am informed that Green is scheduled to return for the Bulldogs' game against Colorado on October 2. I am told that the University will appeal, although it is unlikely that the suspension will be reduced, and, obviously, no reduction could come in time for this weekend's game in Columbia.

Unfortunately, the source who contacted me did so while I was in Atlanta, just prior to the beginning of a court proceeding for which I was present in my professional capacity. Naturally, I had to turn my cell phone off before the proceeding began, and I did not have internet access. Accordingly, I made a couple of phone calls once I was back outside. My thanks go out to College Buddy for posting the news I relayed to him, and to MaconDawg for promoting College Buddy's fanpost to the front page until I could get back to my computer.

An announcement should be forthcoming shortly---frankly, I'm surprised I made it home before word got out---but I have confidence that this source is reliable. More will follow once we have confirmation that the news is true. (I'd be happy to be wrong about this, but, again, I trust the person who contacted me; I just wish the timing had been better, but it couldn't be helped.)

Go 'Dawgs!