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Week One BlogPoll Ballot Draft: Boise State, Alabama, and Ohio State Stay on Top

Attached below is the first draft of my week one BlogPoll ballot for your review and comment. With respect to what follows, I will offer a few general observations:

  • Because not all teams have played legitimate competition, my starting point for this week’s ballot was my preseason ballot. Next week, there likely will be more movement than there was this week.
  • As I noted in last night’s comment thread, I generally left teams more or less where they were if they did more or less what they were expected to do. Teams that exceeded expectations were rewarded; teams that failed to meet expectations were punished.
  • Poor offensive performances (such as those by Florida, Iowa, and Texas) caused teams to drop; poor defensive performances (such as those by Auburn, Houston, and Oklahoma) caused the perpetrators to suffer, as well.
  • I feel completely vindicated in my decision not to rank either the USC Trojans or the Wisconsin Badgers.
  • My brother-in-law, Travis Rice, feels completely vindicated in his annual proclamation that, every time a pollster ranks the Pittsburgh Panthers, an angel loses its wings.
  • We had this discussion when Appalachian State beat the Michigan Wolverines, but, no, I can’t rank Jacksonville State.

I wish to stress that this is a BlogPoll ballot draft. Your comments, questions, constructive criticisms, and persuasive cases are welcome and openly solicited.

Go ‘Dawgs!