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Thursday College Football Game Night Open Comment Thread

It’s Thursday night, there’s high-flying point-scoring Big 12 conference action on ESPN, and we have plenty to discuss, from the release of the new BlogPoll to the release of the new SEC Power Poll to Big East expansion (seriously?) to the latest on Brian VanGorder to the latest on Odell Thurman (right now on Versus!) to Washaun Ealey’s loss of his starting job to hope for the future of the Georgia-Clemson series (though not much else in the way of stout non-conference scheduling) to a bit of news about Charleston Southern that may cause more irate Hawaii fans to berate me over a recent choice for the national game of disinterest.

Get the chips, get the dip, get the popcorn, get the beverage of your choice, get the butter, lock the door, turn off the cell phone, bring the passion, mind your manners, tell that goat he’s living on borrowed time, and settle in for your Thursday game night open comment thread!

Go ‘Dawgs!