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Cocktail Thursday: Goat And/Or Buffalo Roasting Edition.

A.J. Green is no stranger to the Cocktail Thursday stage.

Nevertheless, he's the obvious choice as this week's honoree. When Green's on the field coverages roll in his direction, creating seams for the tight ends, space underneath for slot receivers, and sometimes one less guy for the tailbacks to run into the teeth of.

Sure Green is a threat to take it all the way every time he gets the ball. But it's his potential to shift how defenses play us that really could make a difference this Saturday. Reasonable minds can differ on whether #8 would have meant the difference between victory and defeat in any of this Bulldog team's 3 losses. He wasn't going to be covering any receivers in the Arkansas game. He wasn't going to be tackling Marcus Lattimore. But I imagine having him on the field will provide a shot of confidence for a team that probably needs some reason to believe that they can win right now. Speaking of shots, last week we went with one that turned out to be less than effective in bringing home a victory. This week let's go back to something that might actually be described as a cocktail: Green Punch. You'll need:

2 quarts of lemon-lime koolaid
8 oz Midori melon liqueur
6 oz banana liqueur
4 oz Malibu coconut rum

Prepare lemon-lime Koolaid in a pitcher or punch bowl, add the other ingredients. Mix and serve over ice in tall glasses. Let's hope it's not the only punch we enjoy this weekend. So what difference, if any, do you think A.J. Green's return makes this weekend?

I'll see you Saturday, and until then . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!