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Have the Georgia Bulldogs Begun Their 2011 Fulmer Cup Defense?

An interesting legal question has been raised by the Blogger Who Came In From the Cold. A warrant for Alec Ogletree's arrest was issued on Thursday, presumably before the close of the business day at 5:00 p.m. College football season began last night with the kickoff of the Wake Forest-Presbyterian game at 6:30 p.m. Accordingly, when the warrant was issued, it was still technically the offseason. Moreover, the incident giving rise to the warrant occurred on June 15, but arrangements were being made for Ogletree to turn himself in today, according to Seth Emerson.

Which date controls, the date of the incident, the date the warrant was issued, or the date the player turned himself in to the authorities? In other words, have the Georgia Bulldogs just scored the first points in their 2011 Fulmer Cup defense, or are they running up the score on their 2010 Fulmer Cup victory?

I have e-mailed Orson Swindle to ask for an official ruling, but, until he gets back to me with an authoritative pronouncement, let me know what you think.

(Yes, this an attempt to lighten the mood after a particularly tense morning, not least of all for me.)

Go 'Dawgs!