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Don't Bet On It!: Week Five College Football National Game of Disinterest

I’ve let you know which teams will win in the SEC. I’ve let you know which teams will win around the rest of the country. Now it’s time for me to let you know which college football game is so lacking in drama, intrigue, or just plain good teams that I won’t be picking a winner. This clunker of a contest is highlighted each week as the national game of disinterest.

This week’s national game of disinterest is . . .

Fla. International Golden Panthers at Pittsburgh Panthers

FIU is 0-3, including losses to Maryland and Rutgers teams that appear less than impressive. (Also, because of the Miami-based institution’s international flavor, the football team never eats at Waffle House, but instead opts for the more cosmopolitan IHOP.) Pitt is 1-2, with its lone victory over Division I-AA (yes, I still call it "Division I-AA," because I agree with Holly that the whole "FBS/FCS" thing is stupid) New Hampshire. Between them, these two teams are 0-5 against Division I-A opposition. These teams are so bad that I get to mock them for how bad they are, and my team is 1-3 with its only victory over Louisiana-Lafayette.

On top of that, Florida International and Pittsburgh are both the Panthers, and, frankly, it isn’t worth taking the time to figure out which team is which when both teams are this lousy.

The Panthers will win, but no one will care, and I certainly won’t put forth the effort to find out which one it was, which is why I have designated this game as this week’s national game of disinterest.

Coming Soon: Too Much Information.

Go ‘Dawgs!