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Show Up For A Good Cause. Stay For A Good Time.

By now you know that there's sacrificial goat roasting to be done, commemorative teeshirts to be purchased, and barbecue sauce to be exchanged. I sense that, despite the recent dour events, all of you joining us at the Blind Pig Tavern on Saturday will find a way to have fun. Our readers just seem like a crew who can make lemonade out of lemons. Or in Podunkdawg's case, brownies out of rich chocolate and delicious pecans. You get the point.

As much as you care about your chosen college football team and each other, I also sense that as a group your care about your fellow citizens. That's why Dawg Sports is partnering with the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia to raise money for their efforts to feed those in need from Athens all the way up into Rabun County. You can learn more about the Food Bank's mission here. While you're certainly welcome to bring canned goods on Saturday, and we'll see that they get to the proper folks, I'm told by my contacts at the Food Bank that the best way to help out is a small cash donation. They can then use the power of bulk purchasing to buy roughly 4 nutritious meals with every dollar you donate.  While our offense isn't a model of efficient production, that doesn't mean Dawg Sports' community outreach efforts can't be. Think about it. For the price of a cheeseburger and a beer the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia could feed a family of 4 for a week. That's simply staggering to me.

As an added incentive, the attendee who makes the largest donation on Saturday will get a) one jar of MaconDawg's Mustard Sauce (great on pork, chicken and seafood, adds luster to brittle or damaged hair, and may or may not be a reasonable substitute for 10W30 motor oil),  and b) the adoration of the masses (by "adoration" I mean a hearty thumbs up and by "masses" I mean Kyle, and probably me, assuming my hands are not otherwise engaged pounding the table or cradling my head in abject misery at the notion of losing to Colorado).

Again, even if the football team's not well, that's no excuse not to do some good. I'll see you there!

Go 'Dawgs!!!