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Thursday Night College Football Open Comment Thread

So, does anyone have anything worthwhile to discuss for the good of the order? If we try, I’m sure we can come up with something, like, you know, the fact that my latest appearance on Kit Kitchens’s podcast is available for your listening pleasure, or the fact that the Colorado Buffaloes will be blacking out their game against the Georgia Bulldogs, or the fact that Manic Doug and Depressive Doug think Georgia will win a 24-13 ballgame over the Mississippi St. Bulldogs this weekend, or the fact that Justin Anderson is finished for the season, or the fact that John Pennington is having to rebut rumors that Derek Dooley will be Athens-bound when Mark Richt is fired (hat tip: Senator Blutarsky), or that Greg McGarity plans to schedule more home games (hat tip: Senator Blutarsky), or that C&F is now questioning the "Mark Richt is on the hot seat" meme, or that Jason Kirk is wondering why SEC fans derive so much pleasure from the failures of the ACC (hint: it may have something to do with the fact that local ACC fans give local SEC fans more grief over one victory by their team over ours than we gave them over seven straight victories by our team over theirs), or that Afghan Dawg stirred up a hornet’s nest (I don’t say that disparagingly) that gained traction on Alabama Crimson Tide blogs and message boards, which helped Dawg Sports to set a new site record for page views in a single calendar month on the 23rd. (There are four ways to ensure a boost in site traffic at a college sports weblog: post something about football that gets linked at an Alabama message board; post something about basketball that gets linked at a Kentucky message board; post pictures of Erin Andrews; or, have your athletic director get arrested for drunk driving while in the company of a woman other than his wife whose red panties were in his lap at the time.)

We have all that to talk about, as well as Thursday night ESPN college football, so dive in and express yourself. It’s fine if it gets impassioned, but let’s try to keep it civil, which involves avoiding personal attacks, keeping the coarse language in check, and remembering that we’re all on the same side. Let the discussion begin!

Go ‘Dawgs!