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Why Todd Grantham Must be Fired as the Georgia Bulldogs' Defensive Coordinator (Only, No, Not Really)

Mike Bobo has taken a lot of heat from fans of the Georgia Bulldogs in the last couple of weeks, but I believe the Red and Black’s offensive woes have masked the deficiencies of the Classic City Canines’ defense. I was looking at the numbers, and I became aware of this distressing statistical progression. Read it and weep, Bulldog Nation:

Game Date Points Allowed
1 Sept. 4 7
2 Sept. 11 17
3 Sept. 18 31

The trend is as disturbing as it is inescapable.

The Georgia defense has given up more points in each game of the Todd Grantham era ERROR than it allowed in the game BEFORE!!!!!!!

South Carolina scored 17 points on Georgia . . . MORE THAN DOUBLE what the Bulldogs surrendered to Louisiana-Lafayette! Arkansas scored 31 points on Georgia . . . ALMOST DOUBLE what the Bulldogs surrendered to South Carolina! At this rate, Florida is going to score 1,984 points against Georgia! (31 x 2 = 62 v. Mississippi State x 2 = 124 v. Colorado x 2 = 248 v. Tennessee x 2 = 496 v. Vanderbilt (!) x 2 = 992 v. Kentucky x 2 = 1,984 v. Florida! Todd Grantham is the George Orwell of Georgia defense!)

Forget Mike Bobo! FIRE TODD GRANTHAM!!!!!

Fight the real enemy, people.

(Just kidding. Really. I was only trying to lighten the mood and illustrate that, while there are reasonable criticisms to be made, we better serve the program by reacting calmly. To their credit, most critics who have voiced their opinions here have done so rationally. I just want to make sure we keep it that way.)

(By the way, I apologize for using correct spelling throughout the foregoing posting, thereby robbing it of its authenticity. I just couldn’t bring myself to make typographical errors on purpose.)

Go ‘Dawgs!