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Week Three BlogPoll Ballot Draft Submitted for Your Review and Comment

I’m just going to come right out and admit that this week’s BlogPoll ballot draft is a hodgepodge, approximately one-third power poll, one-third resume ranking, and one-third gut instinct, so, if something looks out of whack, it probably is, and you should feel free to say so in the comments below while I still have time to revise it.

Here is my top 25:

A few points bear making, by way of explanation:

  • I ignored last week’s ballot entirely and started from a clean white piece of paper, so the arrows are completely coincidental and may be ignored safely.
  • Yeah, that’s right, I left the ACC out altogether. What possible argument could you have against that?
  • UMass gained 439 yards on Michigan, led the Wolverines in first downs (26-22), held the ball for more than 37 minutes in Ann Arbor, converted six of twelve third downs and both fourth down attempts, led the Maize and Blue 17-7 in the second quarter, and dropped a five-point decision to the Wolverines. Heck, no, Michigan isn’t ranked!
  • After surrendering 36 points and 588 yards to Hawaii and beating Virginia by a field goal at home, the Trojans led woeful Minnesota 13-7 at the break, ultimately winning 32-21 after Lane Kiffin stupidly attempted three unsuccessful two-point conversions for no good reason whatsoever. Heck, no, Southern California isn’t ranked!

I’ll try to explain my rankings in greater detail when posting my final ballot, but, for now, what looks right, what looks wrong, and what appears odd?

Go ‘Dawgs!