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Cocktail Thursday: Louisiana Ragin' Cajun Edition.

Now that you have at your disposal too much information about the Georgia Bulldogs' upcoming game against the University of Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns, your head is probably spinning a little. If you've also read Doug's manic depressive take on the game, you may be unsure what to believe. Perhaps a quick drink would steady your nerves. Allow me to help.

As Kyle rightly noted, a Bulldog loss to UL is highly unlikely. Look, we pride ourselves on seeing the red and black glass as half empty. It's kind of our schtick. But even we have a hard time imagining the General  Custer blissfully playing canasta aboard the Titanic-type of scenario necessary for Coach Richt and crew to louse this one up. I could see it being uncomfortably close due to poor offensive execution, a defensive lapse here and there, and a poorly timed turnover or three. But in the end the Louisianas of the world are separated from SEC schools by one thing: athletic talent. Boatloads of it.

While Georgia is more talented than the Ragin' Cajuns at most (perhaps all) positions, one which will make a huge difference this weekend is the tight end slot. Aaron Murray is a young quarterback, and as a slough of young Bulldog signal callers learned before him, a couple of good tight ends can make your life much easier. Murray doesn't have a couple of good tight ends, though. He has four.

Perhaps the best of the group is Tampa native Orson Charles. The sophomore who finished third on the team in receptions and receiving yards is primed for a breakout year, even though he's surrounded by talented players at his position. Orson Charles has continued to develop physically (which along with another year of experience will help his blocking), and will establish himself this season as a dominant threat in the receiving game precisely because he is an athletic mismatch for most linebackers and even some defensive backs. That all starts in two days against Louisiana.

And when Orson Charles burns the Ragin' Cajuns for his first score of the 2010 season, I suggest you celebrate with an Arson Charles:

Mix 1 and 1/2 ounces of Southern Comfort and 3 ounces of cinnamon schnapps in a cocktail glass. Then add a dash of genuine McIlhenny's tabasco sauce. It's the tight end seam route of tailgate libations: incredibly simple, unbelievably powerful, and guaranteed to torch the unsuspecting. For best results consume with a good gumbo, the kind that begins with a homemade roux and ends with at least three sources of protein that began game week either flying, crawling, walking or swimming.

I'll be back tomorrow with the inaugural Friday Tailgate. Remember that there is still time to submit your musical suggestions in the comments or via email to macondawg followed by the at sign then gmail. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!