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Thursday Night College Football Open Comment Thread

Even though there's not an SEC team playing tonight, there will be college football airing on the ESPN family of networks, so I figured a few of you might want to share some thoughts on the thrill of victory and the agony of having to listen to Craig James pontificate about the "maturity" Reggie Bush showed by surrendering the Heisman Trophy 20 minutes before the Heisman Trophy Trust voted to take it from him, after five years of stonewalling, obfuscation, trotting out every trick in the book to avoid answering even the simplest of questions, and ultimately jobbing every non-relative who ever gave him anything, including but not limited to his alma mater, which got hammered while he suffered no consequences more adverse than having to give back the most overrated award in sports, which no one in America thought he deserved to win after the Rose Bowl, anyway.

All right, I've had my say. Have at it, gang!

Go 'Dawgs!