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Georgia Bulldogs v. Arkansas Razorbacks Mascot Smackdown: Russ v. Tusk

Although the Georgia Bulldogs and the Arkansas Razorbacks share a relatively brief gridiron history with one another, the combatants who will meet in Sanford Stadium on Saturday share something in common: Georgia and Arkansas have the only two live lineage mascots in the Southeastern Conference.

Georgia, of course, is in the interregnum between Ugas, as Russ has served as interim mascot since Uga VII passed away last November. Arkansas also has undergone a recent transition on the live mascot front, as Tusk II died last January and was succeeded by his brother, Tusk III. Evidently, Arkansas has improved greatly on its previous poor track record of caring for live mascots, as evidenced by the presence of a healthy, cute "baby Tusk" on the sideline.

We can analyze position matchups and coaching schemes all we like, but let’s get down to the real question concerning Saturday’s showdown. Which team is better situated at mascot? Which one do you like, Russ or Tusk?

Go ‘Dawgs!