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Revised Week Two BlogPoll Ballot Submitted: Alabama Crimson Tide Remain on Top, Miami Hurricanes Plummet

My thanks go out to everyone who provided feedback on my preliminary BlogPoll ballot draft. Due to your arguments, the only ACC team I have ranked fell even farther than before. At the end of the day, therefore, my top 25 looks like this:

The LSU Tigers and the Clemson Tigers both received consideration, but only due to absolute necessity. The only game I attended this weekend was a high school football game on Friday night, but I watched all or significant portions of the following on television: Auburn-Mississippi State, Houston-UTEP, Georgia-South Carolina, Florida State-Oklahoma, LSU-Vanderbilt, Alabama-Penn State, Oregon-Tennessee, and Stanford-UCLA, along with bits and pieces of Marshall-West Virginia, Michigan-Notre Dame, and Miami-Ohio State.

Go ‘Dawgs!