What worries you the most?

Not all losses are created equal. Some are expected, some aren't. Sometimes, when you examine the post-mortem of a particular defeat, you realize that no matter who did or didn't play, where and when a critical turnover occurred, or whatever bonehead questionable time-out burning decisions were made within an 8:00 minute time span, it just wasn't going to be your day. Last time we lost to South Carolina in 2007, I was devastated because we were the better team that squandered numerous opportunites. This past Saturday, we had only three bonafide scoring chances. Two resulted in field goals. The third resulted in heartbreak.

As the team regroups and begins it's prep-work for the Arkansas Razorback and their 8'6" quarterback, I ask a simple question: What worries you the most? It's really simple, like a hot dog. Add all the mustard and ketchup you like...don't forget the embellish.

Oh, and congrats to South Carolina. We'll see if you're for real as we go forward. The SEC East is yours to lose. No pressure, of course.

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