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Safety in Numbers: Bacarri Rambo is Strong and Free

When he is not discussing the film career of Melanie Griffith with me on Twitter, Seth Emerson is providing us with valuable information regarding the Georgia Bulldogs' secondary. Here is what Seth recently wrote about the defensive backfield:

According to the players, here's how the safety rotation is breaking down at practice: Baccari Rambo is shifting between free and strong. When Rambo plays free, he plays alongside Nick Williams. When Rambo is at strong, it's Jakar Hamilton at free safety.

Shawn Williams and Alec Ogletree are also working in there, but it's mainly Rambo, Hamilton and Nick Williams.

"It's mainly us three rotating in," Rambo said.

Rambo has no preference on whether he plays free or safety.

"It's all up to the coaches," he said. "If they tell me to play nose tackle I'll do it."

Naturally, I love Rambo's attitude, as well as the fact that he will be seeing the field more frequently. (I have a very simple rule regarding Georgia football players: if you knock yourself unconscious while preserving a win against our oldest rival, you deserve all the playing time you want.) It's exciting to know that so many players are earning the opportunity to make it into the mix and onto the field for Scott Lakatos's ball-hawking secondary. Finally, I am fond of any scenario that causes Bulldog beat reporters to use such phrases as, "When Rambo plays free" and, "When Rambo is at strong."

I am struggling mightily to curb my enthusiasm and keep Manic Kyle locked in the box, but I have to say that these indicators are encouraging. If I were capable of being encouraged, I mean. Which, of course, I'm not. I'm just saying.

Go 'Dawgs!