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Three Reasons Why Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs Should be Worried About the Florida Gators in 2010

You know the drill by now: I gave you three reasons to be worried about the Tennessee Volunteers, three reasons to be worried about the South Carolina Gamecocks, and three reasons to be worried about the Auburn Tigers. Now that Team Speed Kills has told us three things we know and three things we don’t know about the Florida Gators, it is time to share . . .

Three Things That Worry Me About Florida

1. They’re Florida: Have you been paying attention for, like, the last 20 years? All the bounces we used to get have gone their way even when it’s been close, and, lately, it ain’t been close. Remember D.J. Shockley getting injured for one danged game? I mean, come on!

2. They’re Florida, for crying out loud!: Seriously, we were a lot better than them in the Ron Zook era, and we still went 1-2 against them. It’s a freaky psychological thing at this point, and it wouldn’t matter if every one of their starters got hit by a bus getting off the bus, for Pete’s sake!

3. Did I mention that they’re Florida?: Yeah, yeah, yeah, no Tim Tebow, no Charlie Strong, yadda yadda yadda. Read my lips . . . we’re all the time losing to these guys, so I’ll believe we can beat ‘em when I see it, O.K.? I mean, we’re having our best season since Herschel left, and we can’t convert one lousy third down because our all-time leading receiver drops a pass that hits him on the dadgum hands? Are you kidding me?!?!

Go ‘Dawgs!