1st Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast - Location Announcement

I have just spoken with Rob at the Blind Pig Tavern and he has confirmed we have reserved space for 20 to 30 of us to gather on Oct 2nd at game time for our Goat Roast.

He & I will be talking again as we get closer to the date about fine tuning of things. Apparently they often do events for (who knew?) But he was pleased to hear that BPT was voted favorite place.

As a reminder to all considering entering the T-Shirt Contest - get your submissions in today or tomorrow so we can begin the voting and get the T-Shirts made!

Now I've got to find some semi-passable pulled pork barbecue in the Tulsa Metro area for lunch - I've got a real bad craving for it. There ain't no good pulled pork here, but there is passable and it's all I can get for today.

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